GPSmyCity Article Apps Now Available!

Unfortunately this offer has now expired, but you can download our new article apps for free at any time! 

Lost in the Lens has once again teamed up with GPSmyCity to bring you the latest in travel apps for iOS devices. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new article apps – selected posts from Lost in the Lens that are now available to download in the app store.

“Um, Simone, I can already read those posts on your blog.” Sure you can – if you have tons of data or stable access to free wi-fi. We pride ourselves on bringing you high-quality images of the places we visit, but we know it can make a dent in your monthly allowance. By downloading our individual article apps, you can enjoy unlimited offline access to selected Lost in the Lens content. And it’s completely free!

Unless, of course, you decide to upgrade to the GPS-guided version (and trust us – you’ll want to!). This gives you access to an offline map embedded with the GPS coordinates of all the locations mentioned in the article and precise directions to them. You can follow the routes in the article or create your own tailor-made tour as the map displays your exact location and tracks your movement – all for just $1.99! It’s like having a personal tour guide, only in your pocket.

So whether you’re riding a train down the coast of Miyazaki, relaxing on a beach in Okinawa, flying the redeye to Tokyo, or exploring the back streets of Osaka, our handy guides and travel tips will always be available to help you on your way.

In celebration of this launch, we’re giving away three of our new article apps for you to try out. For one week (28 February – 7 March) the following article apps will be available to download and upgrade for free:

To get your hands on of these free, upgraded apps simply follow the link (above) to the article/s you want and click on the “upgrade” button. A pop-up will appear explaining that the article is on promotion and can be downloaded for free.

Here are our other articles now available in the app store:

In addition to the 10 new articles from Lost in the Lens, there are thousands more available on GPSmyCity for over 700 cities in the world. Be sure to check them out!

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