“The kindest and smartest woman you can learn from!”

“Simone is very patient and very good at teaching English. After trying several teachers, she was my favorite! I miss her so much. If you are a beginner or want to improve your English, you should definitely hire her! You won’t regret it!”

– Andrea C., former student, Chile

“My dream came true because of her support”

“Simone was a teacher at my high school in Japan. I was a very shy student but her class was always interesting for me.

I visited her every day and she helped me study English during non-class hours as well. We also exchanged letters in English! I was really thankful. I wanted to improve my English skills for the future and she always encouraged me.

Working abroad was one of my dreams. Now, I’m working at an exclusive hotel with a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Netherlands!”

– Chiharu N., former student, Japan

“Such an underrated tutor and English teacher!”

“Simone has experience teaching different years in different countries. She shows endless respect and patience, and the necessary passion and dedication to every single student. I really miss her classes. Also, she has a lovely accent!”

– Nurbek K., former student, Kazakhstan

“A great English teacher!”

“Simone makes classes and lessons fun for students and always gives us engaging activities that are interesting for us.

She challenges us to come out of our comfort zones, especially for public speaking. She helps us become more comfortable speaking English in front of a lot of people. She also helps us individually if we have any concerns and makes sure that we understand the lesson.

Simone is very understanding and kind and she will surely help you every step of the way in achieving your goal!”

– Winona D., former student, Philippines

“The best choice to make!”

“I’m in deep admiration of Simone’s work because she demonstrates such tremendous efficiency and professionalism. There’s no disappointment when it comes to having Simone as a teacher.”

– Ryan M., former student, France

“The kind of teacher who encourages her students”

“Simone’s lessons start with the most important grammar or vocabulary. She then helps students practice what they’ve learnt using games, stories or videos. As a student, you end up learning and practicing the topic that she just taught on the same day.

Her friendly discipline in the classroom makes you look to the future with confidence. You will definitely improve your English with Simone’s help!”

– Baris P., former student, Turkey

“Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and kind!”

“Simone is the best writer I know. After researching projects carefully, based on the cultural background and other knowledge, she commits to her work for you as the client.

I’m the type of person who pays close attention to tiny details and points out many things, but she is always patient with my questions and has assisted me through many meetings.

My company would not be where it is today if it weren’t for her. We are grateful to her and will continue to ask for her partnership.”

– Aoi Hidaka, CEO of Otonau Inc., Japan

“A Rockstar to work with!”

Simone helps me out frequently to proofread and edit translated English documents for my clients in France. She has a lovely work style and is efficient in delivering work every time. She handles pressure and short deadlines like a pro and that’s someone we should all have supporting our work.

She is definitely my favorite proofreader to work with and a great addition to our team! Her passion for communication and words make her so unique that I can work without her no more.”

– Marine Brun-Franzetti, Artist/Filmmaker, France


“I am delighted to recommend Simone”

“I had the opportunity to work with her for several years as a high school teacher in Japan. During this time, I found her to have excellent qualities as a teacher, especially her professionalism and self-education skills.

She also has lots of experience as a photographer and blogger and has worked for many different companies. Those various experiences cultivated her humanity to be a great teacher.

She has lead students to a high level of learning achievement, and at the same time, has always encouraged and delighted them. I am confident that meeting her will make your world a better place.”

Kosuke Saruwatari, Japanese Teacher, Japan

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