In Pictures: Miyazaki Cherry Blossoms

“Cherry blossoms in spring, they mean everything…” coos the Night Beds’ Winston Yellen on the sixth track of Country Sleep. A truer line could never be sung for Japan. Here, cherry blossoms are spring.

From the first bloom in Okinawa in February, the forecast is predicted and tracked as it heads to the mainland and then spreads north. The arrival of the pink and white popcorn balls are eagerly awaited; sakura is the unofficial national flower of Japan and has been revered in art, culture and poetry for centuries.

But spring came late to Miyazaki this year; the weather is not nearly as warm as it should be and the blossoms were slow to open, with a bout of rain causing them to fall before they reached their full potential. Streets and parks are still covered with a dusting of pink snow, reminding, perhaps more than usual, of the beauty of transience.

I spent three different days tracking their progress in Saito City, along with the rapeseed that is in full bloom.

Spring 001

Spring 009

Spring 016

Spring 027

Spring 028

Spring 076

Spring 078

Spring 095

Spring 100

Spring 110

Toshiyuki Kuroki Garden 057

Toshiyuki Kuroki Garden 065
Toshiyuki Kuroki Garden 063

Toshiyuki Kuroki Garden 066

Toshiyuki Kuroki Garden 082

Toshiyuki Kuroki Garden 107

Toshiyuki Kuroki Garden 109

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