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Storm King Art Center

August 28, 2017

The first time I went to an outdoor sculpture park was in Japan. The exhibits were so creative and interactive, that I ended up visiting twice, despite it being a 2-hour drive away. So when Dani and Kyle suggested that we go see the one in upstate New York, I was really excited to check it out.

My first thought staring out onto the South Fields, though, was that it looked like something out of a scene from Arrival. The beams of Mark di Suvero’s industrial sculptures rise from the surrounding hills like futuristic crafts ready to beam up anyone who dared to get close. I wasn’t sure I liked how starkly the red and brown steel contrasted the soft grass and brush and, upon perusing the brochure, was disappointed to learn we couldn’t touch or climb on most of the exhibits.

But you need to stop comparing everything to Japan, I told myself, and besides, 100,000 annual visitors couldn’t be wrong…could they?

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New York USA

Touring Niagara, Part 2: French Castle

February 15, 2017

“It’s snowing!” I yelled excitedly over my shoulder, peeking through the curtains. “Oh yeah?” my sister responded with mild disinterest. You’d swear she never grew up in Johannesburg. The fluffy white stuff still excites me; I’m lucky if I even get to see it once a year.

We packed up the last of our things and headed for the bus, which ambled through the fresh snowfall to Niagara Jet Adventures. A ride on one of the company’s customized jet boats down the Niagara River costs $61 (and 45 minutes of nausea), which we weren’t willing to part with in the cold. We huddled around hot coffee and chocolate muffins in the waiting area instead and made friends with a nice family from Croatia.

The next stop on the tour was a lovely surprise. I had somehow missed on the itinerary that we would be touring Fort Niagara, a French castle with a 300-year history. I just love a good museum.

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New York USA

Touring Niagara, Part 1: Secret Caverns

January 31, 2017

During the summer of 1928, two cows named Lucky and Floyd wandered from a farm outside of Cobleskill, New York and fell to the bottom of a 26-meter (85-ft) hole. The unfortunate event piqued the interest of a local engineer, Roger Mallery, who was working on a nearby commercial cave.

He recruited a group of teens to descend into the darkness and explore. After crawling through water and mud, they discovered that the chamber was connected to another, and then another. At the end of the last chamber they found a subterranean waterfall. Mallery purchased the land and opened it up to the public the following year.

The Secret Caverns has been competing with the much larger Howe Caverns ever since, and were the first stop on a two-day bus tour to Niagara Falls that my sister and I had embarked on earlier in the morning.

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